What’s the Difference between Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Accident Insurance?

Both of these are a form of financial insurance against workplace injuries, but there are numerous differences between these two protection methods. Whereas workers’ compensation is a state or federal program, occupational accident insurance is a private enterprise and is not mandatory for the employer. When it comes to popularity, workers compensation is still the preferred method of worker protection, but the occupational accident insurance has been gaining significant traction as well. Both of these have pros and cons, which is why you should explore both of these options before you agree to one or the other. Workers’ Compensation Pros… Read More

A CPA Firm Dedicated To Meet Your Business Needs

Starting a business on a short budget requires time to figure out the points where the business costs can be cut to stretch out the available funds. This area is the accounting and it can be done by the entrepreneur or the partners starting the business if they have accounting background instead of hiring accountants. Lacking the ability and still managing the accounting system and business books incorrectly and expecting to learn with time can ruin the business. It’s better to get help from any well reputed CPA firm. How The Firm Will Help Business To run a business (either… Read More

Common Mistakes By Health Practitioner: Ft Lauderdale

Medical malpractice: A medical malpractice case will be such in which a patient is injured or harmed by health providing team. The member of that team fails to provide appropriate and standard care to the patient. However, to prove your case valid in the court of Lauderdale, you have to give all-sufficient and necessary documents to your attorney. You must keep in mind that the according to the legal definition of medical malpractice your doctor must have committed some sort of mistake and that mistake proved harmful to you. Common and frequent mistakes by health practitioner: 1.Error in diagnosing the… Read More

7 Senior Scams and How to Combat Them

Here’s a post by one of our favorite consumer watchdogs, Clark Howard: 7 Senior Scams and How to Avoid Them.

Experienced California Personal Injury Attorney

If you live in California and a involved in a motorcycle accident, car accident, or work accident or you want to file a worker’s compensation of wrongful death suit, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get the settlement to which you are entitled. We have been representing accident victims in California for many years and have gotten them huge financial settlements. That’s why we are the only company you need to call to handle your personal injury, workers’ compensation or wrongful death case. We have a team of top accident attorneys ready to do battle for… Read More

How to Fund Your Grandchild’s Education

One of the most important questions grandparents ask me as their estate planning advisor is how they can help their grandchildren with college expenses. It’s complex, with tax implications for the clients, and financial aid implications for their grandchildren. Here are five options I give them to start with: 1. Make direct tuition payments. Make the payments directly to the college. This way, you avoid gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax without using up any of your gift or GST tax exclusions or exemptions. But this strategy is available only for tuition, not for other expenses, such as room and board,… Read More

Now’s the Time to Review Your Trust

Every trust should be reviewed every few years to make sure it is up-to-date with the law and to ensure that it continues to meet your goals. Below is a checklist of trust features that must be reviewed: 1. Do you have the right successor trustees? In most trusts, you will be the trustee of your own revocable trust with your spouse as co-trustee (if you’re married). Trusts should name one or more successors in the event the original trustee or trustees are unable to serve. Make sure that you still want the successors you originally named. Also, do you… Read More

“Ponzi-Like” Scheme Highlights Risks of Pre-paid Funerals

Here’s an important article about pre-paid funerals: “Ponzi-Like” Scheme Highlights Risks of Pre-paid Funerals.

A Lawyer Who Avoids Courtrooms

An article about our own Cloyd Havens II in Suit Magazine: A Lawyer Who Avoids Courtrooms.

Living Trusts in Plain English

What is a Revocable Living Trust? A trust is an agreement that determines how a person’s property is to be managed and distributed during his or her lifetime and also upon death. For an explanation of the tax benefits and reasons to establish a trust, go to our estate planning page. A revocable living trust normally involves three parties: The Settlor – Also called grantor or trustor, this is the person who creates the trust, and usually the only person who provides funding for the trust. More than one person can be a settlor of a trust, such as when… Read More

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