What Is An Estate Planning Organizer?

An estate planning organizer is a compilation of documents and information that will assist in the efficient and quick management of an estate.

How Does This Differ From Using An Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate planning attorney generally only addresses the legal issues related to an estate, such as a trust or a will and powers of attorney. An Estate Organizer builds on these and can give background information that is not included in the estate plan.

Does An Estate Organizer Have Legal Authority?

An estate organizer generally does not have legal authority, but many of the items included in the organizer will have legal authority.

What Is The Importance Of An Estate Organizer In Addition To An Estate Plan?

For a trustee, one of the most difficult aspects of administering an estate is the process of obtaining all of the necessary information, obtaining control of the assets, locating all of the beneficiaries and other people involved with the estate administration, and finding all of the necessary legal documentation to efficiently administer the estate. An estate organizer consolidates all of this information into one place so that the administration of the estate can happen much more smoothly.

What Information Is Included In An Estate Planning Organizer?

There are several categories of information in an estate planning organizer, including personal information, legal information, financial information, and tax information.

What Personal Information Should Be Included In An Estate Planning Organizer?

The personal information in an estate planning organizer should include a family tree that lists who is related to whom, and how to go about contacting those people. For instance, their addresses, phone numbers, or social media account information could be listed. In addition, the personal information in an estate planning organizer should include the individual’s birth certificate, marriage licenses, professional or vocational licenses, and military discharge papers. These documents could become useful if there is a need to demonstrate the individual’s qualification for something they need to obtain.

What Legal Information Should Be Included In An Estate Planning Organizer?

The legal information that should be included in an estate planning organizer includes the trust, will, advance healthcare directive, powers of attorney, community property agreements, pre or post-nuptial agreements, and information related to digital presence and digital accounts, such as banking account or social media account login and password information.

Where Should An Organizer Be Kept?

An estate organizer should be kept in a safe location in someone’s home, such as a safe in a home office. This would be an ideal location because it would be easy to access if there are documents that need to be added to it over time.

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