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Estate Planning — Plan, Prepare, then Relax

Life is good. You’ve got a great career and even received a recent promotion. You’ve got a great relationship with your spouse, and all the kids are excelling in school. You’re living in the home of your dreams with friends and extended family nearby. Yes, life is good. Then, in an instant, everything changes; a distracted driver barrels through a red light and T-bones your car. The crash is major. Your injuries are severe. And just like that, you’re in the greatest fight of your life—the fight for your life. This is but one of a million possible scenarios that we never want to think about, but the fact is, it only takes a moment for your entire life to change. And what happens to your family if you’re in a devastating car crash? Fortunately, nothing happens to them; they’re protected because you have a complete estate plan in place and everything is current. — Wait, you don’t? Well then, that’s another story entirely.

But I’m too young for an estate plan, that’s for old people. Wrong. But I’m not rich, estate plans are for rich people. Wrong again. The facts are far from these misconceptions. Whether you’re young or old, wealthier than Bill Gates or living paycheck to paycheck, an estate plan is something you should have in place—period, end of the story. Why, you may ask. The reasons are many. And an experienced estate planning attorney in Glendora, CA can help you put that security in place.

Assets & Holdings

Consider this: if you die without an estate plan in place, in most cases the state will step in and make important decisions that you would never want a court to decide. This process is referred to as ‘intestacy’ and it varies from state to state. But some important bold bullet points are as follows:

  • The distribution of your assets by intestacy will likely require a probate proceeding. Probates can be costly, take a long time to complete, and are public!
  • The courts may make decisions about your assets and holdings, and the distribution of them, etc. that are contrary to how you would have had them handled, but there’s no estate plan, so nothing to stop them. And the courts are certainly not out to get you, but they also don’t know what your true wishes are, so if you die without an estate plan in place you are forcing a judge to make decisions because someone has to.

And remember, a will might help you avoid intestacy, but in most cases it won’t get you out of the complex probate process. There really are so many reasons to put an estate plan in place today. When you work with a top estate planning attorney in Glendora, CA, which our firm certainly is, you’ll never have to worry again. We’ll help you create a comprehensive estate plan that will leave nothing to guesswork, and keep the courts OUT of your personal business and affairs.

Crucial Life and Medical Decisions

Now, beyond the assets and the financials, what if you have survived that car crash or other devastating accident (or catastrophic life-changing disease, etc.) but you are left incapacitated? If you had an estate plan in place then a loved one you know to be responsible, who has you and your family’s best interests in mind, would have been the guardian of record, and as such would be the one making important decisions about your medical care and so forth. Let’s return to our car crash scenario for a moment. Consider this. The car crash injuries are extremely severe and you’ve slipped into a coma. Doctors have all concurred that you’ve suffered a debilitating brain injury, and your chance of even coming out of the coma is slim to none. You might have worked with your estate planning attorney in Glendora, CA and put into writing that you don’t want to be on long term life support, but without an estate plan in place, things are left in limbo. Your family is going through severe emotional trauma, grieving, and now the long term care is draining all the family’s savings. With an estate plan in place, you can control your destiny and care for your family even after you’ve passed on.

Our intention with this content is not to create fear, though we know these scenarios are unpleasant. Our intention is to help you care for your family in the way that we know you would want to. Many Americans die without an estate plan in place and the ensuing chaos is traumatic for the grieving family. We are dedicated to our own families, and know you are dedicated to yours. And we take great satisfaction in helping our clients set up estate plans that will provide security to their families well into the future.

If you work with a skilled estate planning attorney in Glendora, CA, you’ll be able to set up living trusts, powers of attorney, and so much more. The process can be complex, but we’ll be with you every step of the way, and once you have your estate plan in place, it will only then require maintenance every year or two to keep it current, or whenever you have a major life change, such as a divorce, new marriage, death of a spouse or child, etc.

Don’t risk everything that you’ve built. Don’t put your family in financial stress, or burden them with the added anxiety of managing your estate when they are grieving. Young or old, wealthy or regular Joe (like most of us)—you need an estate plan in place. Call us today and let us bring you that security and peace of mind. Call HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP and let us help you help yourself, and your family.

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