Business Transactions

Business Transactions We have found that many business owners are so busy with the everyday operation of their businesses, that they fail to plan for changes that may occur. Planning can make the transitions of business less costly, confusing, and contested. Here is a summary of the most common planning that HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP can provide:

Business Formation And Maintenance Of Records

We can establish your business so that your hard-earned personal assets are protected from the risks of an ongoing business. It is also very important to maintain complete records to ensure that the business is offering as much protection as possible.

Business Transfers

Whether transferring to family members, employees, or an outside purchaser, there are many issues to consider when structuring the transfer in order to minimize taxes and liability, while maximizing continued profitability. We can help shed light on the issues, so that you can make an informed decision.

Business Termination

You can’t just leave and turn out the lights – you need to take steps to properly terminate the business. We can make sure that you minimize your continuing liability and taxes.

Death Or Disability Of A Partner Or Shareholder

This can be a devastating event in the life of a business, but if you have planned ahead, it will not be catastrophic. With proper planning, the transition can be smooth and fair to all concerned.

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