What Are The Challenges Faced By Adult Children In Caring For Their Parents?

There are so many challenges faced by adult children who are caring for their parents. There are financial, medical, and tremendous emotional issues that the families have to deal with. It is a change of role between the parents and children, whereby the children become the decision-makers and have authority over the parents. That can be very emotionally difficult for all parties concerned. In addition, it’s common for there to be struggles within the family regarding what’s best for aging parents. These can become very emotional issues that create a tremendous amount of tension within a family.

What Happens When You Consult With Clients On Caring For Aged Parents?

The first thing we do is determine whether or not the parent has an estate plan, advance healthcare directive, power of attorney or trust. Those kinds of things would give us guidance as to what the parent’s wishes are. To the best of our ability, we follow those wishes. Next, we try to come to a consensus among all of the parties as to who would be best able to assist the parents on a day-to-day basis.

When Is It The Right Time To Start Caring For Aging Parents?

It’s so much easier on everyone involved if the parents make these difficult decisions for themselves while they still have the capacity to do so. In the best of all worlds, the best time is while the parents are able and have capacity.

Is It Ever Too Early To Start Planning?

I don’t think so. I always advise my clients to make plans for end-of-life decisions, even when they are young and healthy. We just simply do not know what will happen to us on any particular day.


Is It Too Late To Start Planning If My Parents Are Already In A Nursing Home?

If the parents are in a nursing home because of a physical inability to care for themselves but they are still functioning mentally, then it’s not too late. Once someone has lost the mental capacity to make decisions, then it is too late.

What Are Some Important Things To Consider When Planning For Aging Parents?

It is important to consider what the parents would prefer as far as their personal care in different situations. For some people, going into a nursing home or group facility is the last thing that they would want. On the other hand, some people would choose it as their first choice. So, it’s not a matter of right or wrong; it’s a matter of what the parents prefer. We try to comply with those preferences as best as we can. It is also important to consider what the parents can afford and whether or not they are they going to need outside help for their care.

What Is The Role Of Medicaid Or Medi-Cal In Planning For My Aged Parent’s Future?

Medicaid is a program that’s funded by the federal government and administered by Medi-Cal in California. It pays the necessary medical expenses for people who are financially unable to pay them for themselves. In the state of California, this is for people of any age. For the elderly, the primary use of Medi-Cal is for nursing home care. If a person can no longer live at home due to a physical or mental limitation and they cannot afford a nursing home (which can be very expensive), Medi-Cal will pay whatever the person cannot afford to pay.

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