What Is The General Timeline For A Conservatorship To Be Set Up?

Unfortunately, there is no dependable answer to that question. It can take several months or more than a year, depending on whether there is opposition to the request for the appointment of a conservator. There are notice requirements, court-ordered investigations, and sometimes evidentiary hearings and, of course, court schedules that all affect the timeline.

Can A Conservator Be Set Up Faster In An Emergency Situation?

Yes. A temporary conservator can be appointed relatively quickly as a bridge to the appointment of a permanent conservator.

Are Conservators Compensated? If So, How Is That Determined?

Yes. The costs of a conservatorship are paid for by the estate of the subject person.

How Is Financial Support Arranged For Someone Who Is Under A Conservatorship?

The conservator has the power to arrange and apply for financial support just as the subject person would have on their own if no conservatorship had been in place.

How And Why Does A Conservatorship End?

A conservatorship generally ends with the death of the subject person. The conservator can be replaced if needed. In a guardianship situation, a guardianship automatically ends when the subject person reaches the age of maturity.

What Is The Role Of My Attorney In A Conservatorship Arrangement?

The attorney guides the proposed conservator through the process, assisting the conservator and the court to determine the level of powers needed for proper care of the subject person, assisting in the court’s oversight and the ongoing needs as determined by the court.

Additional Information On Conservatorship In California

It’s important to remember that this is an ongoing process and it really needs to be determined if it’s necessary, whether it’s appropriate and whether there are reasonable alternatives to it. This is where the services of an attorney would help a proposed conservator before proceeding into court.

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