HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP Voted 2019 Best Living Trust Lawyer—San Gabriel Valley

Service, loyalty, experience, knowledge, and commitment to community, when you stack them all, it’s a high bar to reach, but that’s what it takes to be awarded the “Best of the San Gabriel Valley” honor. We couldn’t be more proud, or grateful, to be selected as the 2019 Best Living Trust Lawyer. The Star-News, Daily News and Tribune annual Readers Choice Awards let the people decide, and the people have spoken. For two consecutive years, HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP has been honored by the community and we don’t take this lightly. Having been voted Best Living Trust Lawyer in 2019, and ‘Favorite’ of the San Gabriel Valley the previous year, principal Cloyd Havens understands that this incredible honor is not just a privilege but an opportunity, an opportunity to work even harder to prove to the San Gabriel Valley community that he is worthy of the honor.

This is what Cloyd Havens sets out to do every morning—to provide the absolute best service, unparalleled experience, and legal knowledge, in an insightful, down-to-earth manner. It’s just this kind of comfortable experience that has made the San Gabriel Valley turn to HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP time and time again. Working with Cloyd Havens you’ll find that the best legal counsel doesn’t have to be cloaked in confusing legal language. While HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP has a mastery of the legalese and Latin terminology necessary for navigating complex legal documents and the court systems, Cloyd Havens takes the time to explain every last detail to clients in everyday speech that we all use. After all, whether we are working on your estate plan, setting up a trust, or getting you organized for your new business, Cloyd knows that these issues are incredibly important to you and your family, therefore they are important to him, and that’s why Cloyd’s comfortable manner is continually cited as a major benefit by so many of his clients. It’s this kind of personalized service that has made HAVENS MALCZYNSKI GRIGOLLA, LLP the Best Living Trust Lawyer in 2019.

As a committed attorney and committed family man (a devoted husband of 31 years with two wonderful sons) Cloyd is a solid, proud member of the San Gabriel Valley community. That’s why this Best of the San Gabriel Valley honor means so much to him, it’s an acknowledgment from the incredible friends, neighbors, clients, and associates, that he is providing the highest quality service to the community, and for Cloyd, it’s a privilege to serve the community that he loves.

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