Establishing Your Charitable Trust With Confidence

Establishing Your Charitable Trust With Confidence Lawyer, Glendora City In this article, you will learn about…

  • The benefits of hiring an attorney to establish a charitable trust
  • The danger of not hiring an attorney to establish a charitable trust
  • How involving your CPA will benefit you

Why Should An Attorney Assist Me In Establishing A Charitable Trust?

An attorney should assist you in establishing a charitable trust because…

  • The trust must be established correctly at the start;
  • Very few changes can be made once the trust is established;
  • An attorney can help you understand the many different options available so that you can make the right decisions.

A trust is an irrevocable gift. Once the trust is created and the assets are contributed to the trust, the donor loses the ability to control those assets. An attorney can assist you with ensuring that your trust is established correctly, after weighing all of your options and explaining the differences between various trusts.

In addition to an attorney, the donor should also involve their accountant, the CPA. Many of the questions and issues that arise when discussing your options will involve taxes and how a trust can have a significant tax impact.

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